Sunday, April 3, 2011


Because we don't have enough illness in our little family, I thought I'd throw something into the mix.

Rick, as you know has Lupus. And a fake hip and a fake knee.

Elizabeth must've been jealous because she was just diagnosed with her own auto-immune disease... Celiac Disease. My poor daughter is now gluten-free... for the rest of her life. And we're waiting to see if she's also Casein intolerant. There's definitely something additonal going on.

But now IIIIII must be jealous, too.

In addition to just having surgery to remove the site of an infection right between my... uh... my... well, you know... I also just had a mammogram. AND IT CAME BACK BAD! I've never had a bad mammogram!

But, that's what jealousy will do to you, I guess.

Am I worried? Nah... Okay, YES! I don't want to win this contest!


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