Monday, April 11, 2011

So.... I walked the longest distance I've ever walked at one time

... and my legs are jello. 

No, not jello.  NUMB.

No, not numb.  DUMB.

Yes, my legs are dumb.  So are my blisters.

Here's some photos of our event...

Liz and I about to head out...

The guest of honor....

He thinks he's in Egypt.

On your mark...

Get set....

Oh, wait. Let's get one more picture. We may never pass this way again. We may pass out, instead.

Teacher!  Teacher!  She got out of line!!

Part of our walking trail. From this vantage point you can see THAT I'M NOT LAST!!! Whoo Hoo!!

And we're back.  This is us coming in.  Rick is nowhere in sight.  People were out there to cheer on their team, their friends, their fellow walkers.  The head of our team was inside... chatting up a storm with some pretty girls.


The funniest part of it all?  Rick said, "Next year, I want to walk.  It's only, what?  26 miles?"

I shot him.

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