Monday, May 16, 2011


My daughter's employment is about to come to an end for the school year.  She'll resume being a nanny when the school year starts up again in August, but for now, since she works for a teacher, she is preparing to be off for the summer.

And she is worried about getting her bills paid.

I told her to embrace the summer... take the time and use it to go someplace else.  Go work someplace else.  And have fun while doing it.

Immediately she planned a trip to California.  She thought she could grab herself a job at say, Disneyland... which just happens to be her favorite place on earth.  And perhaps bunk in with her grandmother, Rick's mom.  Transportation was the only thing hanging her up.  She would need a car and she's still too young to rent one. 

We ran through a list of possibilities for her...  Aunt Sonja has a car... but she needs it.  Oma doesn't have one.  And there were about five other people on the list that had cars that she might be able to use... but none of the options seemed very viable.

"WAIT!"  Liz got excited with her new idea...  "GRAMMY AND PAPA!  THEY HAVE A CAR!  AND I COULD EVEN STAY WITH THEM!!!"

Well, that's what excitement can do to you.  It robs you of your logic.

Both of my parents have passed away.  And not recently, either. 

And, uh, they don't own their house anymore, either.

Yeah, Liz'll be home for the summer.

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