Monday, May 2, 2011

It's getting close!

I spent the better part of this weekend editing and proofing the book for the final time.  I hope it's the final time, anyway.

I vascilate between "I love this book" and "I hate this book."  I've read it so many times over that I've been stuck in "I hate this book" for quite awhile now.

But I got up this morning... and sat down to reproof it for the, oh, 500th time and I'm likin' it again today.  Probably because it's about ready to be sent back in for the final time.  Actually, when I used to act, I could NEVER watch what I'd done.  And when I sang, I could NEVER listen to what I'd done.  So this is no different.

I now have the cover in my hands, too.  Well, a copy of the cover.  I can only wish I had a real cover in my hands.

And I've decided to share that with you all. 

... tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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