Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Having waited for what felt like an eternity, today I received the FINAL version of my revised book.  And I thought to myself, REALLY?  YOU COULDN'T SPELL LUPUS RIGHT????

I submitted my corrections.  I rewrote chapters.  I resubmitted corrections.  I rewrote chapters.  I darn near made myself SICK of the book.

And thinking that I never had to read it again... I read it one more time.

And there is was.  Lupis.

And given that the ENTIRE BOOK is about L U P U S.... I'm guessing that this little typo needs to be corrected.

Darn it.

Just when you think...

Oh never mind.  I'm probably not the only one this has ever happened to.

Just wait till my next book.  The one that talks about all the heartache this publisher has put me through.

Of course, I'll probably have to find a new publisher...

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