Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My daughter should've been a boy scout

This girl is prepared.  P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D!

Know what all this paraphernalia is?  Batteries.  Batteries and chargers.  My daughter does not want to be without a fully charged phone.  Nope.  So she carries everything ever created to make sure that she is in communicado with the world at all times.  In her purse!

Let me give you a little tour.

In this photo, not only do you see three fully-charged batteries of different lengths, but you will also see four different backs that attach to her phone to accommodate the different batteries of different lengths.  You can't use a regular back with an extended battery, you know.

And that black boxy thing in the bottom right hand corner of the photo?  That's a charger.  A portable charger that plugs directly into the phone... should, say, one of your batteries become, you know, uncharged.

Can you say OCD?

And I won't even tell you about all the cords and wires that live in her car... just in case.

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