Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh, how I remember this...

My mother sat me under one of these things once a week.  With curlers.  With toilet paper wrapped around my ears so that, uh, they wouldn't burn.  CUZ THEY BURNED!

I hated this thing so much.

Dominion Hooded Bonnet Electric Hair Dryer

This particular one is for sale on Etsy... a site similar to ebay except that it caters to the vintage and the handmade.  Whoever thought it up (Etsy herself?) is pretty clever! 

Two things stood out to me in the selling description of this hair dryer...

It has 3 speed and works. Not sure I would want to put my head in the bonnet.
Not a great sales pitch if you wouldn't even use the item yourself....
according to the instuction booklet the hair dryer is also mobile. "Place strap over your shoulder and cook, do dishes, clean the house...move about while the hair dries."

Talk about multi tasking!

Okay, so... in our rush-rush lifestyles now, we still have to hand it to the ladies in the 1960s.  THEY were actually smarter that the smartypants gals now.  We still have to stand in our bathrooms and blow dry our hair... yet the mothers of the '60s could cook, clean, do dishes and just about anything else WHILE DRYING THEIR HAIR!

The 60's moms win.

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