Thursday, July 7, 2011

My daughter's education ...

... was worth every penny we spent on it.  Yes it was.

We have an influx of June bugs right now.  They are ALL OVER THE PLACE!  And Rick actually goes out and counts them on our driveway each night.  He thinks it's fun.  One evening there was a million on our driveway (really... 'cuz Rick counted them...) and some were even upside down and kicking their little legs into the air.  Rick told me that they would die if they weren't righted... so he turned as many over as he could.  But a million is a lot of bugs.

The next morning there were dead June bugs everywhere.  And all of the dead ones had their little feet up in the air.  So, whaddya know?  Rick was right. 

Elizabeth, seeing the escapades outside of our house looked at Rick and I quizzically.  Those are June bugs?  I've heard that they're only a problem for about a month of so each year.

Would that be June, Elizabeth?

She thought about it for a second and then smiled.  "Oh, yeah.  I guess so."

About an hour or so later, not a bug was in sight.  Not dead, not alive.  And it wasn't even July yet.

It seems that dead June bugs make a mighty tasty meal for Texas birds.  So much so that Rick will see a June bug and turn it over... and announce to the birds that "dinner is served!"

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