Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Really eBay?

They've got to be kidding.  Got to.

I have listed on eBay seven or eight items for sale. 

See that green amount there?  Line five?  For $1.99?  With SIX FOLLOWERS?

That, oddly enough, is something I started to throw away yesterday.  It's a little dress for Skipper, my red-haired beauty of a doll aptly called "Barbie's little sister."  It's an UGLY dress.  A dress that I received in pattern form when I was about six years old.  I had to cut it out and put it together. 

I was NOT a good seamstress.  It is NOT a good dress.  It definitely belongs in the trash.

Why I've hung onto this, I'll never know.  It's pretty much an embarrassment to Skipperdom.  And that's being kind.

Here's what it looks like:

And check out the back of this special little number.

I'm sure I lost (or ate) the rest of the blue buttons...  No problem, I just replaced them with pink ones.  Or not.  There's an awful lot of missing buttons there. 

Now, why I bring this all up...  WHY HAS THIS BEEN THE ONLY ITEM TO SELL?

Good grief.  You'd think it was a valuable item.

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