Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm struggling tonight...

On the heels of getting some WONDERFUL news about Rick... that he is STILL in remission 14 1/2 years later... that his blood shows absolutely NO sign of having Lupus... I received some terrible news about a friend.  A dear friend.

Not only has he been fighting the battle of his life, having just undergone tonsil and throat cancer and all of the chemo and radiation that follows... and not only has he finished those treatments and been declared cancer-free... I was told tonight that it all has returned, in force, worse than before.

And he's been given just a short time to live.  He's been instructed to get his affairs in order now.  And that usually does mean weeks, if not days.

I'm gonna be busy now... because I want to be... helping this friend out.

My friend is a 50-ish man with a wife and 10 year old son.  The entire family now has the battle of their lives ahead of them.

Please lift them in prayer.  We are especially worried about the son.  He's the type that laughs all the time.  And he'll probably continue to laugh... on the outside.

The family really needs prayer at this very moment.

- Kris

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