Thursday, September 22, 2011

More merriment from my school

Another email went out and about today.  This was from the Principal:

Last year I was approached about why students can’t chew gum.  I have been approached again this year.  I have worked at campuses that do both.  I know the rationale that if it’s not outlawed, they wouldn’t keep sneaking it and sticking gum under the desks as they do.  Also, many students say that teachers already chew gum and they also would like fresh breath working in groups in class.

I met with all the department heads on this and it was unanimous that the leaders want it changed.  Obviously, there are classes like sports, PE, music, and times of presentation where it is not appropriate or safe.  The teachers also shared that research shows that test scores go up and some students can focus better chewing.

It was also discussed that if they don’t hide it, it will be beneficial.  With that being said, we are going to try it as a privilege but each teacher will decide what is appropriate for their class.  It’s a choose your battles situation, but I don’t think we compromise in the areas listed above for logical reasons or cleanliness.

This was the email after that....

Subject: Gum chewing and the library

Not a good mix. We pulled (well most of it) our first wad of gum out of the carpet this morning. Plus, I had some girls sitting in the back popping their gum so loudly we could hear it up front over a little noise. 
First response from those corrected was, “Well, we can chew gum now.”

Not here.  It's not allowed here.


Good luck Beth... I wish you a lot of luck in monitoring gum chewing in the library.  Or anywhere in the school... 

Am I the only one amazed at the direction in which schools have gone?  Gum?  Really?  They can chew gum in class ... because it's beneficial?  Because it helps them concentrate on tests?  Good grief.  I've now seen it all.

I hope.

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