Tuesday, September 6, 2011



And who are those 19 people in the Ukraine and what are they dong reading my blog?

Actually I do know a couple of people in Malaysia but they don't even know what a blog is.  Or if they do, they certainly don't know about mine.  Doesn't even matter that they're relatives.  Of Rick.  I don't have any Malaysian in me.  Well, Rick doesn't either.  In fact, neither do his cousins that live there.  They're just rich and head over to Malaysia every year to escape the harsh winters in Indonesia. 

Wait.  Maybe they're escaping the ridiculous summer we've been having here in Texas. 

Oops, got off topic.  So, like I said...  WHO DO I KNOW IN MALAYSIA???  Hong Kong?

I think my blog is messin' with me.  'cuz I know more people than that in the Netherlands.  Not that they read this blog.  Not that they would even own up to knowing me.

I can't blame them.  Even I don't want to know me sometimes.  Fortunately my doggy does.  She knows me and loves me.  Honest.  Never mind that I'm holding her Alpo over her head.

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