Monday, October 17, 2011

I feel vidicated.

This email went out today....  It made me smile.

Today at the beginning of homeroom I will announce the end of the GUM privilege. Unfortunately there have been several violations that have shown that overall they are not able to currently handle the privilege. We will again become a gum free school. This means we need a couple of things from you.

1. Please don’t chew gum in front of the students. Please use mints or chew gum on your conference.

2. Discipline procedures:

* 1st offense in your class: Teacher discipline and document
* 2nd offense: Send them to the office (Lunch Detention)
* 3rd offense: Send them to the office (Night School)
* 4th offense: Send them to the office (ISS)

Thanks for your assistance,

I'm old-school, I guess.  I just don't like seeing the students run the school and I don't like kids using school as a place to plot their take-over. 

I respect school completely and I understand what its mission is.  What its goals are.  The kids, overall, in Texas, are very good kids.  Let's keep them that way.

Now if only I could break my gum-chewing habit.

I guess world-takeover isn't for me, either. 

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