Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another peek at my cousin...

Courtney is having the time of her life ... and doesn't even realize it.  And I like that about her. 

Courtney is so unaffected by all that she's experiencing right now with the show that she's in, she just takes it all in stide.  She's booked all over the place in LA.  And below is a photo of the limo picking her up and taking her to her interview with Allie McKay on KTLA's The Morning Show.  And again, she just acts like nothing special is even happening.

And below ... Courtney is hoisted.  Into the air.  

HIGH into the air.

Cousin Kris couldn't do that on level ground.

Cousin Kris can barely do that in her dreams.

By the way, I just bought my tickets to see her show in Dallas.  In February.  I loved this show so much that I just cannot wait!!

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