Thursday, December 29, 2011

My baby's going home today.

How does one get over the sadness that accompanies their baby heading out for six months?  'Cuz I don't know.  Not sure how I'm gonna deal with it all...
I do like being an empty-nester, I really do... and I firmly believe that adult children and their parents get along so much better once there is space between them.  Certainly true in my own case.  Certainly true in most people's cases.  And certainly true in this case.  And because it's true with Elizabeth and I... suddenly I don't want her to leave.  Nope, I don't.

We've shopped together, we've TV'd together, we've dined together and we've done absolutely nothing together.  And 'twas all good.  At the moment we're packing together.  Well, she's packing... I'm watching. 

I'm watching her not be able to fit much in her suitcase.  Why doesn't my adult child realize that the full suitcase she brought with her to Frisco can't possibly accommodate all the gifts she's trying to take home with her.  Nope.  Can't possibly be done.

We won't see Elizabeth again until June when she comes back for the birth of a friend's baby.  Six months is a long time to hold onto all of the stuff that isn't fitting into her suitcase right now. 

I smell a garage sale coming on....


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