Friday, December 16, 2011

What's that, you say?

Oh I hear you... but I don't really believe you're telling me that it's only 8 more days till Christmas.  And I certainly don't believe that there's only 7 more shopping days.  Nope, just will not accept it.

I pride myself on shopping all year long.  ALL YEAR LONG!  But, uh, something must've happened this year.  Like a couple of plays... a trip to California... couple of weddings.  Even a funeral.  Yeah, it's been busy lately. 

I have no idea where the entire beginning of the year went.  Nor the middle. 

But all is not lost.  I have bought two gifts so far.  And I only have about three dozen left to go.  Yes, I'm going to be braving the crowds in the malls this year.  I'm going to be doing what I make fun of others for doing.  And I'll be out and about with all the folks that I usually feel sorry for each year.

Yes, I feel sorry for me this year.

Do you suppose Santa can steer his sleigh this way?  Towards my house?

No, I don't have any lights up on my house.  And since that's supposed to be the thing that draws Santa to your house... well, I guess I'll have to try something different to get Santa to make a stop here.  And I'm thinking it's gonna have to be something a little bit stronger than milk and cookies...

Ho Ho Ho!

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