Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oy Vey

I woke up this morning and noticed Rick wasn't in bed.  And when I focused my eyes, I could see him in the bathroom ... just staring down at the floor.  He looked a bit like he was gasping for air.  He wasn't blue though so I didn't panic.

But I was curious.  He was just staring and staring at the floor.  Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I got up. 

I shouldn't have.  I could've gone all day, all week without seeing what I saw.

There was water EVERYWHERE!  I knew instantly what had happened because I recalled what had happened the night before.  Just last night.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard a loud crash and I bolted out of bed and found Rick sitting on the toilet.  Not to fear, he was fully dressed.  You see, he had tripped and fallen in the bathroom and landed smack dab on the toilet.  And the crash I'd heard, he said, was merely the Lysol can that sat atop the tank hitting the floor.  Okay, it sounded reasonable and I headed back to bed, seeing that he was fine and wasn't hurt.

This morning I noticed that there had been a bit more damage than just an askewed Lysol can.  Yes, there before me was a sight to behold.  The tank was askew as well.  And cracked.  And trying its best to stay balanced against the wall on the back of the toilet seat.  It wasn't doing a very good job though... and hence the water that was all over the floor.  And I'm talking ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

And hence the reason Rick was just standing and staring at the floor.  Neither of us wanted to believe what had really happened.

$800 later, we now have a new toilet in our master bathroom.  $700 later, we also have a new filter in our a/c.  Why you ask?  Heck, I'm asking that, too!  $1500 later, we have a pot to tinkle in and a filter in an a/c upstairs that we don't even use.  'Cuz our child isn't there.  She's in Arizona... going to college... exactly where our money should be going... until some repairman saw an opportunity in Rick to put his own child through school.

Dinner tonight was leftovers.  Dinner tomorrow will be leftovers.  Dinner the next night will be leftovers.  And that Tahitian vacation I had planned?   Forget it.  I'm not going on it.


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