Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Driving along in my automobile...

Rick just called. 

"I'm on Jereme."

"Hey, me, too.  I should be seeing you any minute now."


"Why???  Because it's not that long of a street."

"I'm not in my car..."


"No, I'm on my Jereme."

** blink bllink **

"Excuse me?"

"It says I can get to your school in 20 minutes."

"First of all, I'm not at my school.  I'm on Jereme.  And second... WHATTT???"

"My Jereme.  It tells me how to get to your school."

Then it hit me...   "Oh... you're playing with your GPS..."

"Yep.  Thanks for buying it for me."

"You're welcome, Dear.  And the folks at GARMIN will be happy to know that you've completely butchered their name."


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