Monday, April 16, 2012

I mean... really?

Just sitting here at my desk, typing away and listening to all of the middle schoolers passing by, discussing their homework, their latest crushes and what they are going to do over the weekend.  I can also hear the copy machine whirring, since I am sitting not five feet from it.  It is a somewhat personal copy machine... supposedly just for this office... but we're nice and allow others to use it.  And use it, they do.  Teachers come and go all day long stopping in long enough to make about 500 copies or so.  It is never lonely in this office.

Today, I was mistaken for someone else, though.  And not just anyone... someone important. 

When one of the teachers stopped in to make some copies, he noticed a faint black line appearing across the top of one of his pages. 

"Look at this," and he showed me his little black line.
"Oh yes," I heartily agreed with him.  "That's some line, alright."

Then he proceeded to show me how it was only coming out with a line when he fed it through the top, but not when he laid his copy on the glass.

"I see...."

And then he continued, pointing out his black line on every page that was affected.  Within a few minutes, I'd see all of his black lines.  And I knew exactly where they were and exactly how to produce them and how to copy the original and NOT get a black line by laying the page directly on the glass.

I just kept agreeing with him.

And suddenly it hit me.  He wants me to fix this little problem.  He finally left, but not until I knew EXACTLY what was wrong with the copier.

He sure is going to be disappointed when he returns to make more copies and I haven't taken care of this little problem.  If it gets slow today, I just may address this issue.  Why not?  I've always wanted to be a copy repairman. 

Hasn't everyone?

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