Thursday, April 26, 2012

Part Two

First of all, Rick is now home from the hospital and doing well.  We still don't really know what happened, nor how it all got fixed, but it did.  And Rick is alive and well and sitting in his favorite chair.  Well, slumped in his favorite chair.  This is him the night I brought him home.  That hospital stay sure wiped him out.

This is Rick on the second day that he was home.  Wanna play a little game?  Spot the differences in the two pictures.    It appears that just the yellow socks are gone.  And the women's clothing catalog that he appeared to be reading.  Hmmmm, that wouldn't put me to sleep. 

Below is Rick in the hospital.  The differences in this picture are obvious.  There's food involved here.  Notice how the meat is on his fork.  Yes, he fell asleep pre-bite.  

He'd kill me if he knew I was posting this.  Oh well.  I've been killed by him before. 

 So, in short, Rick is well.  Tired, but well.  Tired?  Heck, I think I mean exhausted.

After I decided to call 911 and Rick was whisked off to the Emergency Room, he was checked out there and admitted at 4:00 that morning.  All I really knew before I headed home to get some sleep was that it wasn't a Lupus flare up.  Wasn't a Lupus flare up....  the sweetest words I'd ever heard.  I was able to rest peacefully after that.  We weren't sure what was going on... but we knew that we could tackle it.  As long as it wasn't a Lupus flare up.

Rick remained in hospital care all weekend, and was up and walking by Sunday morning.  PT stepped in then and worked his legs.  Probably more than they'd been worked in a long time.  And by Monday, Rick was released and brought home to ... uh ... sleep.

So what was it?  The hospital was leaning towards a TIA (small stroke) although I do not agree with that.  Rick's health had been declining for a couple of weeks.  Strokes don't happen like that.  They do know that his Phenobarbital level (a med he takes to keep his seizures under wraps) was too high so they sort of "detoxed" him from the two seizure meds that he has been on for fifteen years.  However, those were added back in once he got out of the hospital so, I guess they're still good meds.

See why I'm confused?

Maybe I need a hospital stay.  'Cuz that's what earned Rick one...  confusion.

Heck, I'm always confused.  Maybe I need a permanent suite there.  And why not?  It appears that the food is good...  Rick darn near cleaned his plate before he fell asleep!

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