Thursday, May 10, 2012

And the winner is...

This week has been filled with doctor's appointments, doctor's appointments and more doctor's appointments for Rick.  At first I was curious to hear all the results but as the week wore on, I really didn't care anymore. 

Rick is doing very well, just still suffering from fatigue which I believe is a bit self-induced.  I happened to mention to him that it takes one full week to recover for every day you're in the hospital.  I learned that years ago... but I never should've told Rick.  He took it to heart and now whenever I ask him if he wants to go get a bite to eat, he'll say, "Can't.  I'm still recovering.  You know it's only been three weeks..." 

However, I forced him to go out to lunch on Sunday and he did very well.  In fact, he was a different person.  He sort of woke up.  He came back to life.  Yes, it was nothing but good for him.

So, we've had a lot of appointments this week and the first two doctors are standing by their "mini-stroke" diagnosis.  One of those doctors was with him in the hospital.  However, she is brand new to Rick's team.  She's most likely never met anyone like him.  It's a toss up on what I think about her.  I like her, but she's young and I doubt she really knows Rick.

The next two doctors have been with Rick for over five years and I respect their opinions.  Know what they both said?  "I have no idea what happened."  Join the club, Doc.

So, his meds levels were too high when I had him taken to the hospital.  But doctor #4 does not feel that he was toxic.  He took blood from him anyway, just too check.  We'll know the results in two days.

In the meantime, doctor #3 feels there was a neurological glitch in Rick's brain and ordered an MRI and heart tests.  Doctor #2  stands by stroke, claiming that his left side was affected.  Doctor #1 stands by stroke... or just plain fatigue.

Wow.  That's a large playing field.  But since we trust doctors #3 and #4 the most, I'll narrow down my feelings to theirs.  And that means that no one really knows what happened.  #3 wants an MRI and a heart test.  #4 says skip it.

#4 gave Rick a clean bill of health today and released him to drive.

I want so badly to go with #4 but #3 has been around the longest and I trust her the very most.

So... I left it all up to Rick.

Know what he chose?

Rick simply said, "You need gas in your car, right?  I'll get that tomorrow and get those letters mailed.  And the dog needs some food.  And those cherry limeades are free at Sonic tomorrow, right?"

Rick went with doctor #4.  Obviously.

And I'll be very glad to have my secretary/errand boy back.  It's been a long four weeks.

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