Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Much?

Rick and I received this invitation in the mail yesterday.  From someone named Adrienne at the Lupus Foundation.  I've known about this "Gala" for awhile now, but wouldn't even pretend to try to go.  It ain't cheap.  And it ain't enough fun to spend that much money.

But never the less, this invite came.  I was touched.  I love being thought of and I love being invited to fancy events because someone has been thinking of me.  I mean, us. 

And I decided to go. 

I hope you can read it.  It's a nice note.  And near the bottom it says, "For more information, please visit our website at...."

I clicked on the link.

This is the link.  Please notice the "purchase tickets" button to push. 

I pushed.

$125.  Each.  And here I thought I was special.  Yep, thought sure I was an invited guest.

Two days later, another email arrived.  Since I hadn't responded to the original email, this one followed. 

Okay.  I'm a dope.  We really are invited.  And I don't dare tell anyone that I thought I was being charged so I had no desire to go!

Sigh.  We'll be going.

And I really will need $125 to buy a nice dress.



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