Monday, June 25, 2012

Bring it on, Baby!

As we arrived home from a shopping trip today, a lady approached me and asked if we had a few moments to spare.

"Uh, sure," I said, as both Rick and I continued to get out of the car.

"I just wanted to tell you that the milkman is back."  And she handed me some paraphernalia about milk being delivered to our house once a week, to our front door, cold and fresh.  And she had a list of other foods that were on her list, too.  Eggs, bread, bacon and lunch meats.  Just the staples, but she assured me that her company would be adding new products as they added new customers.

I was excited.  You see, back in 1997, we NEEDED groceries delivered to us and there were no companies that did that.  So, I paid $15 an hour to a "handy woman" and she went grocery shopping for me.  Eventually there were home grocery businesses that delivered food to people at home.  Most notably, and  We still use to deliver to my mother in law every now and again.  But there is still nothing out here in Texas (at least not in our area) that does that... and with Rick's health and me working all the time, we have a need.  Boy do we ever. 

Recently I asked Rick if there were any dairies in the area.  There aren't.  Life is very hard out here on the prairie.  It's also hard here in this very modern town.  It's really not prairieish around these parts.  It is hot though.

Anyway, the saleslady looked hot so we went inside and registered me real quick.  I so need help with getting groceries, especially milk and eggs and bread.  Dairy stuff.  And if someone is willing to bring them to my house, I'm on board!  If only someone would come and cook dinner for me...

So in we went.  Down we sat.  Sign, I did.  I signed up for their very first delivery.  July 16th.  7:00 am.  The milkman comes early.  I paid.  I smiled.  I am a happy woman.

And then the lady left.

And then Rick said to me....  "Did you just give your credit card number to a woman you've never even met before?  And may never see again?"


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