Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I got another call about the job that I turned down.  Actually, I got a voice mail.  And I was asked to call my possibly future boss back. 

And I did.

However, I spent fifteen minutes worrying about what to say, twenty minutes devising my scheme about why I didn't take the job, about five minutes eating a box of cookies (because food ALWAYS solves everything) and about ten minutes begging Rick to let me take the job this time around.  Not that he ever told me 'no' in the first place but he was definitely telling me NO this time around.

So, after all that time wasted spent on worrying, scheming, begging and eating, I headed to the phone to make the call back.  But the phone beat me to it.  The phone beat me to the phone... yes, it did.  As I was taking a big gulp of air, the phone screamed out at me.  I peeked at the caller ID and saw that it was my former future boss.  Yes, she was calling me because I was too darned slow at calling her back.

I trembled but I picked up the phone.

And there was suddenly no more worrying to do.  No more scheming to do.  No more begging.  But still plenty of eating left in me.

The job had been filled.  I worried for nothing.  And just when I let my guard down and heaved a big sigh of relief.... I was offered a different job.

Caught off guard.  Darn it.

But it's as simple as this...  If the secretary who is looking for another job gets another job and takes that job then the girl that took the job that I was offered will be offered a chance to move into the secretarial job thus reopening the assessment job that I was originally hired for. 

Provided that the moon is in the 7th house and all of my ducks are in a row.

See?  I wasted time worrying.

Good thing I didn't lose my appetite, though.

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Crazy mom of 5 said...

Kris- If you don't take the possible job that may happen if the sun and moon align. Will you give them my info please!!!!!!