Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tweet, Tweet

This is my front door.

If you look close enough, you can see the slight outline of a bird sitting atop the door, over on the right.  See it?

Now that you can tell it's our door, here's another shot of the bird.  She's peeking in at us now.  She does that a lot.  A LOT.  So much for privacy.

Here you can see the position she's usually in.  Squatting down on the little three inch ledge.  Yes, it's only three inches wide. 

Have you figured out what she's doing?  Yep.  She's got a home there now.  She and her mate have created a nest. 

Not a very big nest though.  And not a very bright mate, if you ask me.  I think I'd have a little chat with my mate if he created a nest for me on a THREE INCH WIDE LEDGE.

You can see in these two shots that she's holding some twigs.  Yep, the no good mate wonderful spouse done made her a nest and then bolted out of there.  And the wind came up and blew some of her new home away... and she was left to rebuild herself.  

Below is what it all looks like from the outside of our door.  Tough to see, but if you squint, you'll see her on her tiny nest in the upper left hand corner.

Being that this little birdie has made a home over our front door...  I now make everyone enter and exit the house through the garage.  I also make everyone be quiet.  My heart just breaks for that sweet bird, about to give birth on a three inch ledge.  In Texas.  In the wind.  And the heat.  I am so careful that I won't even let people come to my door right now for fear of scaring the bird.  I can't live with a homeless, pregnant bird on my conscience.

That said....  guess what happened on Thursday night? 

Around 11:00 PM, our doorbell rang. 

I wasn't scared...  I was ticked off.  I had missed advising someone about the bird and how they should not come to our front door.

It was....

... my daughter.  (!)

She flew in to Texas earlier in the day and surprised us for a weekend visit.

And you know what I did when I saw her?


I did.

I shushed her.  There was a bird overhead, after all.


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