Monday, July 23, 2012

And we're off!

Destination:  Tucson.

Itinerary:  See Elizabeth, see the Grand Canyon, see every rest stop and restroom along the way and stop at every Sonic in Texas because there won't be any once we leave the state.

Wardrobe:  Very little.  The temperature is a mild 108 degrees.  Yeah, I'm pumped.  Yeah, I'm lying.

Mission:  Enjoy every last little bit of summer before returning home and heading to a new job.  Try not to think of said new job.  Try to figure out how to tell old job that I'm not returning.  Dine at "Gourmet Girls Go Gluten Free" with Elizabeth and try to stop calling it "Gluten Free Girls Gone Wild."  Not sure why the latter phrase keeps sticking in my mind.

Goal:  Rest, relax and try not to think of new job.

Reality:  We are taking a hot, expensive, long, long, drive to Tucson and visiting every roadside restroom along the way for Rick.  We will be dying for Sonic when we get back 'cuz we've made it our daily routine here in Frisco.  At 2:00.  When 'happy hour' begins.  I'm gonna be a wreck when 2:00 rolls around and there's no Sonic in sight.

Oh wait.  Tucson has Sonics.  Never mind. 

We will be missing Midnight something terrible, even though she does nothing but sleep and eat when we're home with her.  She barks occasionally.  Especially when I pretend someone is at the door.  I wonder when she'll figure out that there's never anyone at the door.

Yeah, I'll miss her.

I wonder if she'll miss me.  Probably.  She'll miss me pretending there's someone at the door.

And so, we're off.  Or, we will be shortly. 

I really should pack, eh?

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