Sunday, July 8, 2012

Andy Griffith

Andy and Lucy (I'm on a first name basis with each of them) are two of my favorite actors, two of my favorite people, even.  I have adored Andy Griffith for many, many years and would venture to say that I know every one of the episodes in The Andy Griffith Show.  Although I Love Lucy will always be my favorite television show, The Andy Griffith show was next in line.  It has always provided me with a warm feeling about everything whenever I would watch it.  There just weren't no better times than them there in Mayberry.  There just weren't no better people, either.

And Rick knows the above facts very well.

So on the day of Andy Griffith's death, I decided to break the news to him in question form.  Sort of a game.  I simply told him that my favorite actor had just passed away.  He said, "Who?"  And I made him guess.  It should've been an easy one.  It really should've.

I did not expect him to say, "Gilligan?"


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