Monday, October 29, 2012

contradiction of sorts

It may or may not be known that I'm directing the Christmas play at our church this year.  Again.  Did it last year, too, and swore I'd never do it again.  But hey.  I've never been one to hold a grudge...

Anyway, while shopping around for some very specific clothing for some of the actors in this play, I came across something very interesting.  Since our play takes place in the depression era, and since I'd exhausted all of the nearby thrift and antique stores... I took my search to the internet.  The internet.  Make a note of that.

Tonight I found the most unusual website... the most perfect website... I found IT.  The one that would make everyone's heart sing when I told them about it.

Our play takes place during the depression era.  That would be the early 1930s.  And the clothing must be relavant to that time period.

Know what I found?  Amish clothing.  At an Amish store.  On an Amish website.  And they "proudly take credit cards", too.  Plastic credit cards.

I dunno.  Something just isn't right here.  I am baffled.  Thrilled, but baffled.

I love the Amish.  They have solved all of my costume woes in one fell swoop.  And I guess that makes up for all of the modern conveniences they are having to endure to do so. 


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