Thursday, November 29, 2012

One more thing...

I was absolutely capitivated by one thing in Tucson.  There was one thing that stole all of my attention, though...

My dog.  Midnight.

She was boarded in a local shelter that had CAMERAS in the cages!  And I got to see what she was doing 24/7!  And if you ask Rick and Liz, they will attest that I was actually peeking in on Midnight, oh, uh, 24/7.  Yes, I darn near was.

Here's what I saw:


Midnight was in this large suite with the camera overhead.  I peeked in on her while she was sleeping and while she was standing at the door trying to get the warden's worker's attention. 

I loved every minute of my spying. 

Except when I saw this:

It seems Midnight made a break for it when the warden wasn't looking!

She left so quickly, she left her little pink fuzzy pig behind.  And we all know that pig's squeal...

Know where she escaped to? 

We found her at home.    Doing this.

Nah, not really.  But this is what she did the moment we got her home.  And the many moments afterwards.  Heck, she's probably still doing that now, a week later.


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