Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tucson, Arizona

Rick and I flew out to Tucson for this Thanksgiving week to not only celebrate Turkey Day with our daughter but also to check on her and see what's up with her health.  She's had a bad run lately with her Celiac Disease.  Lots to report on the week so far but I had to share this one conversation with you today...

When Rick and I were sitting on the plane, the captain came on the overhead and announced the time it now was in Tucson.  Since our watches were still set to Texas time, Rick wanted them changed and now.  And since Rick had a watch that had two time zones, I was able to keep his Frisco time on top and Elizabeth's time on the bottom.  And within a moment or two, I had everything accomplished and the times all ironed out.  In hindsight, though, I should've moved Liz' time up to the top and put Frisco on the bottom.

Fast forward to us sitting in Elizabeth's apartment and getting ready to watch "The Amazing Race" on Sunday night.  The TV announced that the show would be starting in one minute at 7:52.  Rick looked at his watch and claimed that I had set it all wrong... since his watch was currently reading 8:51.  It was my fault, he kept reminding me.  And since I knew I had done it right I gave him permission to change it himself.  Please.  Set your own stupid watch, bud.

And so he did.

And within an hour (yes, it took him that long) Rick proudly announced that he'd fixed his watch... meaning he'd fixed the supposed mess I'd made.  And he proudly announced that his watch now had the Tucson time on top and the Frisco time on the bottom. 

And then he made a funny face.  There was just one thing he couldn't figure out, though...  why both time zones now read 10:51.  This baffled him and somehow I got blamed again. 

When we do get back to Frisco, I have a strange feeling that all of our clocks are going to need adjusting, too.  Maybe it'll be Christmas vacation when we get back.

Ho Ho Ho!

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