Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I couldn't have said it better myself

The following email chat, initated by me, to one of our computer gurus... seemed to solve all the world's problems in just one conversation.  No, really.

From: Kahle, Kris
Subject: printer question

You may remember that I have a new printer here.  However, the old one won’t go away.   Every morning I have to go in to the printer list and delete it or else whenever I print, the computer tries to print to that non-existent printer.   And yes, I’ve got the default setting set to the new printer.   Doesn’t seem to matter, though.
Can you tell me how to permanently delete that old printer?

To: Kahle, Kris
Subject: RE: printer question

What is the OLD printer name?
From: Kahle, Kris

Subject: RE: printer question

Paul.  Just kidding.  See the following list:
Epson 3920.... 
Epson 4000...
Epson 4175...
The first one listed is the one I’m trying to get rid of!!!!


From Joanne IT... fwded to:  Price Dru - ITECH 700 Department:

Why would this printer not go away?
Thanks, Joanne

FW: printer question

This is what technology told me to let you know….let me know if this works.
From: Price, Dru

Subject: Re: printer question
Have her do a printui /ge. It will pop up a box. If that box has that printer listed, it is because it was added using a global add command. If this is the case, launch printbox and use the button that says something like disconnect all global printers.
*  *  *  *  *  *
Wow.  The power to disconnect all global printers... just by using a button... and doing a printui/ge.   That's a dance move, right?   A printui/ge?  I guess I could even do a little pirourette up on top of my keyboard along with that printui/ge.  And then maybe a chant or two.   You know, just to insure that it will work.   Yea, it'd work, if only I knew what a 'printbox' was and where to find it.  Do you suppose 'printbox' is primitve for printer? 
Either way, the whole problem can be solved by finding and using "the button that says something like disconnect all global printers."  Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the exact words of the IT gurus that do this for a living.  Yes indeedy.
And, you guessed it, I was unable to disconnect all global printers with those, uh, super clear instructions.  So, Japan and South Africa still have printing capabilities.  Morocco, too.  Sadly, I do not.  But my printui/ge has improved significantly.

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