Thursday, January 17, 2013

So, how did I do?

Pretty darn well, I think.  I kept my New Years Resolution for last year ALL YEAR! 

In January of 2012, I vowed to relax more, have more fun and just generally be nicer to people.  I am proud to say that I kept all three, all year.  Yes, I did.  Even that third one.  So shut up.  SHUT UP, I DID, TOO!

It's okay for me to yell at you now.  The year's over.

Now, as for this year?  I have, yes ... I have, undertaken a new New Year's Resolution.  I am going to lose some weight.  Yes, I am.  Yes, I am.  Yes, I am.  (I figure if I say it loud enough and long enough my ears might actually hear it.) 

Now, I know what you're thinking...  That you know me only too well and there's no way that I could keep such a promise as this.  SHUT UP, I WILL, TOO.  I didn't say I was going to be nice this year.  In fact, if I successfully stay on this diet you won't see me be nice for quite some time!


It's tough being thin and beautiful.  Nice just isn't in my nature.

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