Monday, February 11, 2013

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My daughter has been writing a blog about all of her adventures in Walt Disney World... and I wanted to share today's musings with you all.  If you enjoy her style of writing, there are many more to be found at The Great House Detective.

Dear Vista Way Inspection Police ~

Ok, maybe “police” is a loose term.  They’re not actually the police.  We did have an apartment inspection today though. By the Vista Way inspection people. And we passed… barely. Our apartment is so clean. All of us are responsibly tidy anyway, plus we all did a little extra to prepare for the inspection. And he (or they, I don’t know, I wasn’t here for it) nailed us on having a full trash can. The report read “Empty trash can.” Really? A trash can? They do know that that’s how trash cans work, right? You empty them and then they fill up again. Plus there are 6 girls living in one house, using one trash can. It fills, we empty it. No need to go writing down reprimands on your little yellow paper there, sir I don’t know and definitely don’t like.

Like Mother like daughter?  I think I taught her well.

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