Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disc Jockey fan

My husband bumped into Jody Dean today.  Thee Jody Dean.  If you live in the Dallas area, you know who he is.  If you don't, he's the Rick Dees of KLUV radio.  Jody Dean is the DJ that both Rick and I listen to whenever we're out and about in our cars.  I'm out and about a lot.  Rick rarely is.  So it surprises me really that Rick even knows who Jody Dean is.  But he does.

Rick is not shy.  Not shy at all.  So... it is no surprise to anyone that he would approach said DJ and strike up a conversation.  Yes, poor Jody Dean.  I can only imagine him squirming to get away after about 30 minutes of small talk with Rick.

And I DO mean small talk.  Know what Rick said to Jody Dean?

"My wife and I used that carpet cleaning company that you recommended on the radio."  Oh, yes he did.

Jody's response?  "So, how'd you like it?"  I can only imagine the ensuing 30 minutes of carpet debris talk.  Again, poor Jody Dean.

Wanna' know a secret?  It really is the best carpet cleaner around.  But I don't think I would ever mention that to Jody Dean.  Or anyone.  Present company excluded. 

'Cuz I want everyone to automatically think my carpets are spotless.  'Cuz they are.


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