Thursday, April 25, 2013

post april 15th

So... a bit late, but we did actually do and finish our taxes.  April 15th came and went and we figured it was time.  We like to be fashionably late, I guess.

I thought I'd share this little tidbit with you.  It's a receipt I found, in our "taxes" file.  For a little visit Rick made to a nearby restaurant ... and tried to claim as tax deductible.

Twin Peaks.  If you're not from our parts... it's like a Hooters.  Nicer restaurant, though.  Not that that matters, 'cuz Rick likes Hooters just as much as he likes Twin Peaks.

Claiming, somehow, that he was there on "business," (he probably mentioned my book ... about Lupus ... once or twice) he gave me this receipt to use as a write off for our charitable contributions.  Charitable contribution.  Charity.   Yeah, I know.  Sure, sure.

Our tax lady laughed, too.    She especially laughed at the tip that Rick left his charitable waitress.

I didn't find it quite as funny.


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