Thursday, May 16, 2013

prodigal daughter returns !

So, now that we've gotten Elizabeth to Florida, we need to get her home.  Yes, she's homeward bound now.  Fortunately, I don't have to continue paying rent in Florida though!

In case I haven't shared this yet, Elizabeth has decided to end her internship as of May 31st.  She had the option of picking up a second "college program" and staying in Florida until August 8th or ending her tenure at Walt Disney World and then applying for a "professional internship" that will take place in January.  She has opted for the latter choice. 

But ... before that decision was made, I spent countless hours on the telephone trying to find her a suitable apartment to live in since she would need to give up her dorm room.  And "dorm room" is a loose term.  It was actually six girls crammed together in a two bathroom apartment. 

Elizabeth will be returning to Casa de Kahle in Frisco, where she'll have an entire second floor to herself (except for the comings and goings of her cat) with three bedrooms and two baths and a media room.  Poor kid.  It'll take some time getting used to all that space, I'm sure.

 Rick and I told her that she would need to pay us rent.  Not much, but some rent nonetheless.  She balked at it.

"EXCUSE ME????  I've just paid $800/month for an apartment that you weren't even living in, Missy!"

Oh, wait.  Don't tell her about the conversation I just had with that area manager.


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