Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gooten Morgen

After dinner tonight, my mother in law sat me down and had a very serious discussion with me.  After the first minute, I knew I was in trouble.  Oh, not from anything I'd done, I don't think.  My problem was that I suddenly couldn't understand a word she was saying.  At one point, I looked over at Rick and said, "Is she speaking English?"  Rick was laughing too hard to even answer me...

My mother in law was telling me her deepest feelings... in Dutch.  True, she's tri-lingual, so I know some things get confused ... but heck, she either didn't know that she's just rolled right into full Dutch or she had no idea that I didn't speak it.  And she's only known me for 25 years, so that's understandable...

I just nodded and nodded.  And now I'm wondering what I've agreed to...  Do you think she suspects that I've booked us on a trip to Hawaii? 


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