Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Just curious...


If you saw this sign in the hallway of your hotel, what would you think?

Rick and I are currently on a little vacation in Oklahoma ... and on the way to our room in our hotel, we saw this sign.  Since I always bring Rick's wheelchair with us, just for quick getaways, it piqued my attention. 

I envisioned a little waiting room area specially designed for the handicapped.  Not sure why a handicapped person would need a little respite area, though, but what do I know?  Maybe they do.

However, that's not at all what was on the other side of this door.  I know, because I peeked.  I just had to.  I didn't want to pass up a little place to stick Rick, if, you know, I got tired of him.

Joke was on me. 

All that was on the other side of the door?  An ice machine.  Not sure what it had to do with being wheelchair accessible ... nor why it claimed to be a place of refuge, too. Unless ... if I put Rick in there in his wheelchair ... I would suddenly enjoy a respite. 

And Rick could have all the free ice he wanted.  Gee, how did the hotel know?


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