Wednesday, August 21, 2013

one last peek...

Can you name these girls?
Yeah, the one on the right has been appearing in all of the photos so far.  She's a buddy of mine.  I adore her.  I always have.  The girl on the left I don't know, except on Facebook.  But you might know her.
The girl on the right has grown up.  A bit.  No, a lot.  She has two children of her own now.
The guy below is not one of them.

So this is Andrea today.  Literally today.  And that is a former coworker of hers, of ours, with her.  He does yogurt commercials now.
I used to want to marry him.  Back when I was out of my mind.  Good thing that never took off cuz I don't really like yogurt.  Especially Greek yogurt.

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