Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pin + Interest

I have a problem.
I need an intervention.
I am not good at my new video game, however, it's true ... Pinterest is just like the stuff that draws today's youth to their TVs, iPads, iPhones, etc.  It certainly draws me.
Video game or Pinterest ... it might as well be a drug, 'cause I'm addicted.
So... what exactly am I pinning to Pinterest?
I WANT this purse!

I want to be here.  Now.

I love this little furball.

I want this to be my bedroom.

I want this hair.

I want this backyard.

This is my motto ...

I want to go here.  Maybe I'll even live here.
But what has Pinterest really done for me? 
Yeah, no.  3 hours gone and I'm no more creative than I was when I first sat down.  But I have lost three hours of my life. 
Well, not three hours.  More like three hours at a time ... fifty times over.
I hate Pinterest.  That intervention can't come soon enough.

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