Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My mother in law has been living locally now for two months.  Maybe three.  And we've been teaching Rick the way to her new home for oh ... two months.  Maybe three.   I've done the driving every time we went to pick her up for an outing and I've always made sure that Rick was paying attention.  Well, except for that time that he fell asleep just 2 minutes after we left.  And that other time that... oh never mind.  He did pay attention once.  I hope.

Anyway, recently I've had the feeling that he was purt near ready to try to find her himself... with me in the car, of course, but with him actually doing the driving.  Well, almost.

So, on Monday morning, Labor Day, it was raining.  We had plans to bring my mother in law to our house for a food fest and the rain wasn't going to deter me.  I jumped into the shower to get ready and to escort Rick picking up his mom.  The rain, though, caused me to rethink my decision to let him drive.  His copiloting adventure would have to wait.  I do rain.  Rick doesn't.

So... after stepping out of the shower, that's when I discovered that Rick was AWOL.  He was nowhere.  His car was nowhere, too. 

I suddenly shrieked.  "No, he didn't!"  But yes, he did.

I immediately called him to find out how he was doing...

"Oh, don't worry.  I have UPS in my car."  Oh, great.

I'd rather he'd have had GPS, but I guess a few extra packages in the car couldn't hurt.  Heck, maybe he even did his Christmas shopping first...

One could hope.

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