Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wanna see something funny?

Or creepy?  Take your pick.

Rick and I went to a Lupus Gala last night as invited guests.  And thank goodness for that, the dang thing was $300 per person.  For that price I never mind being a "seat filler."  Not at all.

Anyway, this was us, there.  (No, I was not an English major.  How'd you know?)

It was a glamorous event, that's for sure.  Got go wear my silky black dress, even.  Rick forego... forgoed?   For went?  Who cares.  I told ya' I didn't do English...  so, Rick skipped the tux idea.  Mostly because he doesn't own one. 
What we both skipped, because we had never seen a real invitation (seat fillers don't usually get to see invitations!) was that it was a MASQUERADE party.  Actually a MASK-erade party.  We were sans masks.  And yes, we felt real dumb.  I mean EVERYONE got the memo and EVERYONE wore a mask! 
By the end of the evening though, we'd found us each one. 
Here's Rick's lovely face...

He actually looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. 
Me, however?  Well ....

I look like a pig!!!  That snout is huge! 
Yeah, no.  Not my best side.  Or face.  Or anything.
Wait.  Nice ring, though. 
Want to see what really caught my attention though?  Check out the girl on the dance floor.  I fell in love with her.  Her Lupus was not going to slow her down one bit!
It was a nice evening.  We are always happy to help support Lupus Awareness and to spend time with others affected with this awful disease.
Oh, and the masks?  Everyone wore a mask to represent what commonly happens to the Lupus sufferer.  Most "lupies" develop a mask-like rash across their face during a flare up.  Most "lupies" want to hide when this happens.  Behind a mask.  Get it?  Hence the MASQUERADE Ball.
We adore all of the people who put on these great Lupus Gala Events.  We are thrilled to be invited.  We wish we didn't have to be, though.

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