Super Fun Things For Kyndra And I To Do On Our Way To Africa

April 14, 2013 at 5:15pm
So, I haven't even written my donation letters yet and I've already planned a list of things for Kyndra and I to do on our flight to our mission trip to Africa.  Because hello.  Priorities.  The paperwork says that traveling will last two days.  So here's hoping!  Be on the lookout for that letter and some informational blog entries, but for now, have fun reading this!  My favorite of course, is at the end :)

Read about history of ravioli
Discover what happened to Ameila Earhart
Watch entire series of Friends
Take apart our cell phones and put them back together
Invent whatever comes after Blu-Ray
Create the next great American pizza topping
Practice making surprised faces in the mirror
Memorize rap songs in case of a spontaneous rap battle
Brainstorm baby names for our future children
Create a new board game
See how many gluten free pretzels we can fit in our mouths
Practice cool pick up lines on each other
Film a documentary about riding on an airplane with your friend Elizabeth
Play Name That Wikipedia Article
Reinvent the Pepsi formula
Design e-cards to send to all our friends
Read about the art of lion taming
Invent odorless nail polish
Do airplane seat leg exercises
Practice our European accents
Study the instructional manuals of various remote controls
Ponder the existential meaning of lizard tails
Write episodes of our own self-titled dramedy
Compose a mash up of The Beach Boys' greatest hits
Translate Whose Line Is It Anyway? humor into Italian
Look at pictures of ourselves with funny hair colors
Act out Old Testament Bible stories
Learn to play the laser harp
Dig a secret tunnel to the luggage bay on the plane
Make up a hundred new words
Memorize the definitions of the ones that already exist
Give a presentation on the proper spelling of "definitely"
Glass blow ourselves a collection of candleholders
Draw pictures of coffee cups
Cry over the divorce rate in America
Paint by numbers
Write a two women show
Perform scientific experiments
Make friendship bracelets for the cast of How I Met Your Mother
Cook food for our African hosts with an Easy Bake Oven
Play six degrees of Hollywood actors
Practice for our turn on Jeopardy
Train for a Disney marathon while sitting down ("horizontal running")
Offer grammar and vocabulary lessons to everyone on the plane
Stage a plane wide flash mob
Host a dinosaur themed trivia game
Screen the Kahle family home movies
Present all six million reasons why girls should never make duck faces in photos
Play Twister
Give up our regrets and forgive people
Read the entire Bible back to front for a fun new twist
Memorize the birth names of famous rappers
Prepare a presentation on why cats are better than dogs
Learn to pronounce all the ingredients in shampoo
Have a Broadway tune sing off
Design items to put in the Elizabeth and Kyndra gift shop
Write the script for the next great Steven Spielberg epic
Count the number of times people say "um" in everyday conversation
List all the different words we can use instead of cuss words
Wonder what we'll look like in striped jumpers
Diagram all the places we'll store a pad and pen in our future home
Read a statistics textbook
Form the habit of referring to all our friends by their last names
Study the geneticism of dimples
Sew our own future wedding dresses
Deliver a moving speech on the importance of spaying your pets
Memorize the entire Miami Dolphins roster
Lift weights
Perform stand up comedy at the front of the plane
French braid each other's hair
Start our own multimillion dollar companies
Run our fingers up and down a velvet blanket
Make up our own language
Explain to people the difference between "veterinarian," "veteran," and "vegetarian"
Offer to reformat people's cell phone contact lists
Say the word "apple" until it doesn't sound like one anymore

...and my personal favorite, the one I am most looking forward to...

Hold a plane wide debate on whether or not, in fact, Ross and Rachel were on a break