Thursday, November 7, 2013

giving blood

I missed a few days here.  Oops.  Darned cold.  Darned kiddo that gave me my darned cold.  But it was kinda fun ... since I gave it to my hubby who in turn gave it to my daughter.  I like to share.

Here's something fun that happened over the last few days ...

I got a call from my daughter's student loan company.  They said something about wanting some money. Darned people.  I told them that my daughter was still in school and although not using loan money right now, she shouldn't have to be paying back her student loans yet.  They agreed and although in theory that's true, you apparently need to be in school full time ... or at least part time.  Elizabeth only has two classes this semester which apparently doesn't qualify her for part time.  Huh?  That's 'part time' in my book.  Sigh.

So, the kind folks on the other end of the phone line told me that not only does she owe her student loans back now ... but I owe my part, too.  The 'parent loan' is now due and payable.  And, they so kindly told me, I am two months behind.

* blink blink *

At $300 per month, I now owe $900.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and the nurse took blood out of me.  So, I gave blood to the doctor and I'm giving blood to my daughter's student loans.  What a bloody shame.

My daughter posted this on Twitter:

We'll house you, feed you and teach you a skill for free. - prison

We'll do none of that and you pay us $50,000. - college

Ain't that the truth.

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