Saturday, February 15, 2014

Before I proceed ...

So... before I share photos and such, I thought I'd show you what our "call sheet" looked like.  Well, the 'show outline' or whatever the professionals actually call it.  Oh there it is... FINAL TIMELINE.  That's it.  Not that it matters.


CBS Radio Tower, 4131 North Central Expressway (US 75), southwest corner of Central and Fitzhugh, Dallas, 10th Floor


Albertson's - 7am (decorate Control Room, cake and refreshments to the 10th Floor Conference Room)
John Baldwin - 7:10
Harpist Laurel McConkey - 7:15 (set up and ready in Control Room by 7:30)
Blue Bell Ice Cream - 7:30 (10th Floor Conference Room)
Kate Weiser - 7:30 (10th Floor Conference Room)

All other guests and participants please arrive NO LATER than 7:30.


Rick & Kris Kahle (couple, 2)
Elizabeth Kahle (daughter of the couple, 1)
Paul & Linda Allen (sister of the groom, 2)
John Baldwin (minister, 1)
Tim Koltzak (photographer, 2)
Laurel McConkey (harpist)
Nancy Davis (Blue Bell Ice Cream, 3)
Kate Weiser (Kate Weiser Chocolates)
Carol Roberts (Albertson's, 3)
Fiona Pestell
CBS-11 News (1-2)


7:05 - Rebekah's College of Hollywood Knowledge
7:08 - Traffic & Break
7:25 - Rebekah's College of Hollywood Knowledge (with John Baldwin)
7:30 - Harpist begins playing
7:35 - Interview harpist
7:38 - Traffic & Break
7:45 - Red Carpet Rebekah (lobby)
7:50 - Interview Albertson's & Blue Bell representatives
7:55 - Break
8:00 - Groom, minister, Jody, David in studio. Harpist begins processional. CBS Market President Brian Purdy enters with bride. Vows renewed
8:04 - Interview couple, champagne toast
8:08 - Traffic & Break
8:15 - Tribute to the Couple, Toast, First Dance
8:25 - Recap, Conclude

Whee!  Getting this was fun!  I loved seeing all the goings-on in the control booth.  Control Room?  Studio.  We'll go with that.  It sounds better!

~ K


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