Thursday, February 13, 2014

I do?

It's been a wild, wild week, it sure has.  I don't even think I've resumed breathing yet.

We did win the contest and I've been interviewed twice on the radio.  That alone is an exciting and amazing experience, funner than I ever expected.  Tomorrow it all comes to a close when Rick and I renew our vows on the air.  Live.  Yes, indeed.  There are too many butterflies in my tummy to even count right now.  And there are too many ZZZZs that I haven't gotten this week.

I'll report in after the big day... but give a listen if you can (I know it's early) to (98.7) and you can hear us renew those ol' vows.  The funny part of this?  It started as a simple "hurricane hugo" story and bull-dozed it's way into a story about Rick and his Lupus.  Good grief.  Who knew that Rick's story was better than mine????  Well, it is, but still.

I'm still trying to upload the links here... I'll keep working on it.  In the meantime, enjoy the show tomorrow!

Listen live here!   

But wait till Valentine's Day.  At 7:30 AM.  Unless you want the pre-game stuff.  But I'm betting only I do.

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