Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I just watched Dancing With The Stars and was awed by a double amputee dancing her heart out.  She's also a pro snow boarder.

I saw on Facebook that a friend's daughter took three gold medals in her local Special Olympics.  She's inspired me for the last 18 years.

My husband has Lupus Cerebritis and deals daily with pain, a damaged bladder and a faulty memory.  He inspires me daily.  Too bad I'm not always open to his inspiration, though.

My 22 year old daughter has Celiac Sprue and deals daily with a painful stomach and definite food challenges.  I deal daily with simply choosing where I want to order lunch from.

Even my elderly dog has frozen hips and severe arthritis but only barks or whimpers when her bowl is empty.  I bark and whimper when my bowl is empty, too.


Becky Molidor had her PHD.  Becky was my inspiration, too.  Becky also picked up my lunch every day.  Becky also gave me the shirt off her back, literally.  I honestly have clothes in my closet that Becky has given me.  She was just that kind.

Although I'm struggling with Becky's death, I will try to be more like her and let her continue to be my inspiration.

I hereby declare that Elizabeth, Rick, Midnight, Emily Satterburg and Amy Purdy's inspiring stories and lives will resonate with me from now on.  Becky's will, too.


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