Tuesday, April 22, 2014

and how was your day?

On top of a nine hour workday with no lunch break, my day was full.  The rest of my day was fuller.  Full or not however, my entire day was typical.  A typical Kahle day.  Typical, typical, typical.

On top of a nine hour workday with no lunch break ... did I say that already? ... I returned home to a continually ailing Rick.  I've been offering for quite awhile but today he took me up on it.  He wanted to go to Urgent Care.  And I relented.  I'm as sick of his cough as he is.  So, off we went.

Three hours at the Urgent Care (THREE!) and then off to the pharmacy.  Two meds needing filling for his diagnosis of bronchitis.  A one hour wait caused us to head off to get him some dinner while the meds were prepped.  Happy that his appetite was intact tonight (because it's been AWOL) I drove over to Wendy's to get him some chow.  And some for me, too.  And then back to the pharmacy to get said meds and then home we headed.  Was it time to sit, eat and watch TV?  Not a chance.

Elizabeth, having left on a business trip to New Jersey today, parked her car at her boss' house near to where we used to live four years ago.  It was nearly dark now, but I needed to pick up her car.  I was uncomfortable leaving her car there ... on the street ...far from our house.  But how could I retrieve her car?  How?  On foot, that's how.  That's all I could think of.  Rick was in no shape to drive the car home.

So, I parked Rick at home, set him up with his fast-food dinner and yes, I then walked quickly to Elizabeth's car.  I swear it was three miles away.  Did I mention it was dark?

Did I mention it was raining?

Did I mention that I'm crazy?

Typical.  I told you, typical.  Typically crazy.


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