Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I set foot in a library today.  Did you know that they still exist?  Yeah, me, either.

Personally, I love books and have a large collection at home.  Well, maybe not large, but I have a lot.  Well, maybe not a lot ... okay, a few.  I have a few books at home.  Oddly enough, I have just about every book I've ever owned still.  And if that's not a lot, then I didn't do much reading back then.

I still have my favorite book, "Portrait of Skipper" and it's now framed and hung on a wall in a guest bedroom ... just in case any of our guests would like to read about a doll and how that doll had her portrait painted.  Seriously.  It's truly on our wall.

Anyway, back to my library jaunt today ... this is what I saw inside our very nice library in Frisco.

'Taint many books in a library anymore.  Just stuff to listen to which my dear darling daughter enjoys immensely.  She even just gave me an audio book to listen to.  Personally, I don't drive very far to work so I'd get more use out of the dang thing if I could just pick it up and read it.  And it'd be harder to sneak an audio book into my office and try to listen to it.  Readable books are better for sneaking.  And I don't think I could fall asleep listening to a book.  I could if I was trying to read it, though.  And audio books just wouldn't look very nice framed and on my wall.  They're no "Portrait of Skipper", that's for sure.

And speaking of dolls ...

Oh wait, that's for tomorrow.

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