Thursday, April 10, 2014

still more procrast'g

Next up, I decided that all of my shoes could look this cool and be this functional.  Pinterest won me over again.  I swear the blog post may never get written at this rate.

This here is a bookcase craftily turned into a shoe closet.  Despite that fact that I wear about two pairs of shoes in my closet ever even though I own 66 pairs (I counted last year) I felt I needed this.  In my room.  In my closet.  In my tiny closet.  Okay, it's not tiny but it certainly doesn't offer up the space I need for this monstrosity beauty.  

Hey, some of those shoes are darn cute!  I could see myself in those heels.  I said SEE myself.  I didn't say I would WEAR them.  In fact, those pink high tops on the bottom have my name all over them.  

Tomorrow:  the blog post.  Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

* fingers crossed *


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